Must Love Lycans

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Must Love Lycans

Broken Heart Vampires

Kelsey Morningstone is a well-renowned psychotherapist treating privileged patients at the Dante Clinic, who is also hiding from her past. A former patient nearly took Kelsey's life and she believes that the Dante Clinic is her key to safety and seclusion. That was until a gorgeous, sexy and gloriously naked man walks into Kelsey's life with the belief that he is a werewolf, but can`t remember anything else. Kelsey has dealt with delusional patients before but this man makes Kelsey feel things that she should never feel toward a patient. Damian feels the same way about Kelsey instantly and bites her to claim her as his mate.

Kelsey starts to feel strange after Damian's bite and the staff at the Dante Clinic inject her with a serum to help save her life. Things seem to turn back to normal until Kelsey decides to rescue Damian and break out of the Dante Clinic. The two end up in Damian's hometown of Broken Heart, Oklahoma where Kelsey learns that everything that Damian has been telling her has been true. He is a werewolf and has chosen her to be his mate. That is fine with Kelsey because the sexual attraction between the two is palpable and she is due for some fine lovin' from this gorgeous man. The only problem with this scenario is that Kelsey still isn't feeling well and if Damian accidentally turned her into a werewolf she might not survive the transformation after a month's time. Her chance for survival involves a religious ceremony but that is if she and Damian can find a chalice for the ceremony that has been missing for centuries. They are running out of precious time and Kelsey may not make it to the religious ceremony so she can spend the rest of her days with the man that she has fallen in love with.

This is the eighth novel in Michele Bardsley's "Broken Heart" series and I consider this one of my favorites. Kelsey was a great character who was strong, fierce and a lovely smart-ass even with all the obstacles that she had faced in her life. Having Damian come into her world was just what she needed to find her way again. He brought out the best in her and I loved the interaction between the two. I have been waiting to see Damian get his own story and I think that Kelsey was a perfect match for him. The sex scenes were pretty hot, too. I hope that Michele continues this series because I would love to see what happens next to the townspeople of Broken Heart, Oklahoma.

Book Blurb for Must Love Lycans

Since the moment Damien showed up-gloriously naked-Kelsey Morningstone has been having a hard time keeping her relationship with the clinic's latest amnesiac patient strictly professional. Even with her empathy abilities Kelsey's not sure she can get past Damien's anger to find the cause of his delusions. After all, falling for a patient is bad enough, but falling for a patient who thinks he's a werewolf is a whole other kind of crazy...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.75