Checkmate, My Lord

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Checkmate, My Lord

Nexus Series, #2

Catherine Ashcroft is looking for her husband’s killer and turns to Lord Somerton for help in her investigation. She is unaware that Sebastian Danvers, Lord Somerton, is a master of espionage and Catherine’s husband was caught in the crossfire of a deadly game. Now, Catherine must protect her heart from the dashing Lord Somerton while she is searching for answers and Sebastian can’t help falling for the beautiful widow. Enemies are at every turn and Catherine soon learns that the killer who took her husband’s life may be getting dangerously close to striking again.

I love novels that deal with espionage and historical romance so I was immediately fascinated by this novel. Catherine was a great character that was trying to hold things together after the death of her husband while trying to raise her six-year-old daughter. I have always enjoyed female characters that are strong and intelligent in historical romance because the majority of women were not seen that way. Lord Somerton is a delightful hero that you can’t help falling for especially when he did everything he could to take care of Catherine and her daughter. The novel was very fast-paced and there were some scenes in this book that had me on the edge of my seat. I strongly recommend reading Checkmate, My Lord for its steamy romance and thrilling espionage from a promising new author.

Book Blurb for Checkmate, My Lord

A desperate mother falls in love with the spymaster she’s sent to betray.

Spymaster Sebastian Danvers, Lord Somerton, has spent the last decade protecting England’s shores against a French invasion. Known for his cold logic and ability to sacrifice anything for the greater good, few can outwit him and even fewer dare challenge him. Until now.

After being exiled to his country estate, Sebastian is surprised when his beautiful, no-nonsense neighbor turns her seductive wiles on him. But years of intrigue have left him wondering why a respectable widow would risk scandal for a few nights in his bed. Sebastian takes his time unraveling the widow’s secrets, for he quickly realizes she might be the one sacrifice he is unwilling to make.

Living a quiet existence at Winter’s Hollow, Lauren Ashcroft spends her days doing little more than caring for her precocious seven-year-old daughter and negotiating her neighbors’ various complaints against their absentee landowner, the enigmatic Earl of Somerton. But, all her boredom comes to a searing halt after learning her newly returned neighbor might have had something to do with her husband’s murder.

Lauren’s orderly existence soon upends and she now finds herself in a desperate bid to save her daughter’s life. But she must betray the earl to do so, even though she no longer suspects him of foul play. Lauren succumbs to the the earl’s passionate kisses and recognizes the same loneliness she has felt for years lurking in his hard, crystalline eyes. As her lover’s enemies close in, will Lauren be able to save both her beloved daughter and the handsome spy who has stolen her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50