A Scoundrel's Surrender

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A Scoundrel's Surrender

Billingham Bastards

Two years ago, Caleb Talbot and Marah Farnsworth shared a passionate afternoon together after both experiencing a traumatic event. Caleb had just discovered that very afternoon that the man he thought was his father was a lie and he was the illegitimate child of The Duke of Billingham. Shortly after their love-making, Caleb abandoned both Marah and his family to drown himself in his despair over the recent turn of events. For Marah, Caleb broke her heart and the love that they shared that afternoon has haunted them both ever since.

Now, Caleb has returned to London after hearing news of his father's declining health. Even though the Marquis of Stratfield isn't Caleb's father, he can't leave his family in their time of need. Marah has also returned to London to be with her best friend, Victoria, who just happens to be Caleb's sister-in-law. The two reconnect and the passion that they shared is reignited when they look into each other's eyes. The only difference now is that Marah has a boyfriend and is planning to marry him in the future. Caleb can't stand the thought of anyone else touching the beautiful Marah, but Marah wants someone stable in her life that won't run away at the first sign of trouble. Caleb will have to do everything in his power to convince Marah that she is making a terrible mistake and she should marry him instead.

This is the third book about "The Billingham Bastards" and this is my favorite one of all. I loved the character of Marah who was a very strong, caring individual who wanted a stable life after losing her family at a very early age, but was also willing to help others in their time of need. Caleb was seen as a wild personality who would drown himself in alcohol to numb the pain that he was feeling after discovering his true parentage. It was a matter of time before these two came together and it felt as though they always belonged with one another. I've always enjoyed Jenna Petersen's novels because you can always get swept away in her stories and they are a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Book Blurb for A Scoundrel's Surrender

He was everything she'd ever dreamed of . . . And then he was gone.

It hasn't been easy for Marah Farnsworth to get over Caleb Talbot, the man who broke her heart. She's done her best, sequestering herself in the sleepy English countryside while convincing herself she'd be happy marrying someone else. And she's quite nearly succeeded—when she returns to London . . . and comes face to face with the man who abandoned her all those years ago.

Caleb believed he was doing the honorable thing when he disappeared from Marah's life. The shocking truth about his scandalous origins made him unfit to wed. But now, one glimpse of her has again lit a fire in his heart…and letting another man have her would be unthinkable. However, winning back Marah's love may prove the most difficult endeavor the handsome scoundrel has ever undertaken.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50