Berets and Bras

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Berets and Bras

Coming Together: Tabooty, #8

Berets and Bras was a fun read. I wish it could have been a little longer, enough time to develop the relationship between Carl and Tom. I like how the author gave the illusion of Carl as the big, bad, I-don’t-care attitude of a mercenary at the beginning of the book. But he turned out to be a butt-kicking and determined woman instead. The book also briefly described the life of a mercenary, and how hard it would be for a woman to fit into this kind of life. I enjoyed reading the story and I think the author has potential. I hope to read more by her but in a bigger timeline, with wider character development, and a more in-depth storyline.

Book Blurb for Berets and Bras

Blood, sweat and hard work has given me everything I want, except that is, the dangerous mercenary I'm in love and lust with. Until, one night, when my secrets are exposed, I discover, in the sweetest possible way that he's sinfully talented at handling more than just his armed weapon.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.00