Written In Stone

Angela Elliott is a very sweet and beautiful young woman. She is also emotionally and physically damaged, due to an accident that put her into a wheelchair and took the lives of her husband and her unborn child. Now, Angela feels she is useless and that she will never know love again.

Gavin Stone is no ordinary man. He is very wealthy and extremely handsome and he comes from a fine family- of vampires that is! Gavin is one of the most eligible bachelors of Deveaux Valley. He has always been able to have any woman he ever wanted until Angela Elliott.

Gavin is intrigued when Angela refuses to dance with him when the first meet. When he later finds out about her disability, it does not dissuade him of his courtship of Angela. For Gavin knows he must have Angela for his very own, because she is his one true mate! Will Gavin be able to convince Angela that he truly loves her? Will Angela want Gavin when she finds out he is a vampire? Will Angela finally come to terms with her accident and realize that she is worthy of someone else’s love?

“Written in Stone” has a hero and heroine that the reader will just love! Gavin and Angela are two people that the reader can connect to. You will want to see them over come obstacles that come between them so they can be with each other and be happy!

“Written in Stone” could have been a 5 star book but when the author, Rie McGaha starts explaining about how Gavin’s family became vampires, she starts down a path that makes this reader shake her head in frustration. Instead of a few pages about the family history, the reader gets a whole new book with a new hero and heroine, when all this reader wants is an ending for Gavin and Angela!

Rie McGaha is a good writer, she gives depth to her hero and heroine and makes the reader fall in love with them and want to take their journey beside them. I will be reading another one of Mrs. McGaha books in the future to see where she will take us next. 

Book Blurb for Written In Stone

Gavin Stone is a wealthy man and never has a problem finding women to accompany him on the dance floor or the bedroom, but there's something different about Gavin. His eyes are too bright, his skin is too fair and he keeps strange hours.

Angela Elliott is young and beautiful but an accident that killed her husband and unborn child also left her in a wheel chair. Angie believes she'll never love or be loved again.

At a dance that Angie's caretaker forced her to attend, Angie remains in the back ground but Gavin Stone notices the beautiful young woman anyway and asks her to dance. When Angie refuses him he takes his leave but can't get her out of his mind.

When the two meet again, Angie is in a very precarious position and Gavin comes to the rescue. He then learns of her disability but continues to hide the truth about himself. That is until circumstances come together and Angie finds Gavin in the arms of another woman.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.00