The Bride Found

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The Bride Found

The Civil War Brides Series Book #2

Emma Wellington is beside herself and full of pain! Her sister Sophie and her brother-in-law Jamie have vanished without a trace. Everyone believes they are dead, so Emma must deal not only with her pain but with all their worldly possessions as well, including their house in Portland, Oregon.

When Emma peaks inside Sophie and Jamie’s library, a place that gives her the creeps, she does not see the inside of the library but a barn and then suddenly everything goes black. When Emma comes to, she finds herself to be in a very old carriage house and that she is in Washington, D.C. not Portland, Oregon and the year is 1863, not 2008!

Clayton Madden has his hands full with dealing with his job as a member of President Lincoln’s War Cabinet. But, now he would love for those same hands to caressing the beautiful face of the lovely young woman that was found inside his carriage house. But, it seems that she has gone missing in the middle of the night and his friend Andrew knows where but will only say that the woman is ok and safe. All Clayton knows, is that he is very intrigued with the lovely young woman known as Emma and he will not rest until he has set his eyes upon on her once again!

Will Emma ever find out what happened to Sophie and Jamie? Will Clayton find Emma? If he does, can he keep her safe when her life is on the line? Will Emma stay in the past if that is what her heart truly wants, or will she end up all alone and back in her own time?

Tracey Jane Jackson has definitely done a lot of research to give us the readers an accurate account of the Civil War and life in 1863. With Mrs. Jackson’s descriptions of the places, people, and fashions of 1863 you will feel as though you are right there with Emma as she experiences it all for the first time!

Mrs. Jackson has given us a spectacular story with “The Bride Found”! This is one brilliant book that will have the reader so enthralled that everyone and everything else just disappears, as you take Emma and Clayton’s journey with them, wherever it may lead! You are hoping that it leads the two of them right into each other’s arms for all time!

Even though “The Bride Found” is the second book in the Civil War Brides Series, it stands on it’s own and the reader will not feel cheated if they wind up reading it first as this reader did! Although, now that this reader has read “The Bride Found” she is dying to read the other two books: “The Bride Price” which is first in the series and “The Bride Spy” which is the third in the series, which are out now for you to enjoy! Plus, “The Bride Ransom” which is the fourth in the series is due out this year and this reader can not wait to read it as well!

Book Blurb for The Bride Found

Emma Wellington is dealing with the strange disappearance of her sister and brother-in-law, and no one is certain they’re even still alive. Saddled with their home drowning in probate, she is forced to take over the settling of their estate.

As she is standing in her sister’s library, possibly for the last time, she sees a strange vision and then her world goes black. She awakens to find herself in an old-fashioned carriage house, facing a man in top hat and tails.

Clayton Madden is in Lincoln’s War Cabinet and after arriving home one evening, discovers a beautiful woman in the shadows of his carriage house. He is immediately enamored with the tall beauty, despite her strange speech and dress. His intention is to get to know her further, but she disappears in the middle of the night with no explanation as to where she’s gone.

Will he find her before a deeper plot threatens her life?

Will Clayton and Emma find a love that is everlasting?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00