The Tycoon's Secret Child

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The Tycoon's Secret Child

Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail

Maureen Child brings a twist to the secret baby trope in her story The Tycoon’s Secret Child! The traditional plot – man finds out he’s a father years later – takes on a few different additions in this story. I liked that Wes had to learn how to communicate with his daughter and I especially liked that Wes and Isabelle would be on equal grounds in a custody battle. Instead of being pressured by money or prestige, these two characters had to find a way to work together in raising their daughter. The sub-characters in this story were great – Isabelle’s brothers, her housekeeper Edna, Wes’s assistant are just a few who provided some light-hearted moments to the story. I also thought there were some really funny lines as well.

That being said, I felt like the focus of this book was particularly on the family dynamic (which is not something I typically expect with a Desire novel). And I liked the family moments, the bonds with the sub-characters, and the importance of building a home. But I felt that the romance storyline between Wes and Isabelle really faded into the background. It was more about them as a family unit. I was also a bit disappointed that the mystery that was introduced was not resolved in this book (we’ve been set up for more in the next). Overall though, another enjoyable read by Maureen Child!

The Story: Wes Jackson is in the middle of the biggest deal of his life when – surprise! – he finds out he’s a daddy thanks to a malicious Tweet. Being depicted as a deadbeat dad is not the image Wes needs for his family-friendly toy empire. He also doesn’t need the reminder of the attraction he shared with Isabelle Graystone, his daughter’s mother. Wes is determined to get to know his daughter, even if that means seeing Isabelle again.

Isabelle fled Texas years ago when she realized that she would never get a commitment from Wes. A wife and children were not part of his envisioned future. But now that he knows about his daughter, he is fixing himself into their lives… and their hearts. Yet Belle isn’t sure if he will treasure her heart or break it.

Book Blurb for The Tycoon's Secret Child

A Lone Star paternity bombshell, only from USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child! 

Texas toy mogul Wes Jackson is on the brink of a billion-dollar breakthrough—until a sinister anonymous tipster reveals Wes is a dad! Suddenly his family-friendly company is in crisis and Wes's sole focus is finding the daughter he never knew. But confronting the child's mother, Isabelle Graystone, means resisting a chemistry that is as fierce as ever. 

Wes's failure to commit sent Belle running five years ago. Now he's back, making himself indispensable and stoking Belle's deepest passions. But is his interest in her part of a bigger ploy?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 3.50