Shattered Magic

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Shattered Magic

Shattered Magic is a sweet, very touching romance with some scorching hot scenes. The story picks up in the middle of Rowan’s journey, but the back story is very deftly covered by the main story. It is a novel that is simply perfect for a quiet night at home alone. The novel moves very quickly, with the action building at a perfect pace. Nothing moves too fast or too slow. The characters are very well developed, and each has a personality that is easy to relate to and like. I would be very interested in reading other books that are related to this one, such as Dark Magic, also by the same author. It was an utter joy to read, and left me smiling. It will do the same for myriad other readers.

Rowan needs an escape. Bound to a man she cannot love for she knows he is evil, she runs away. She runs as far as she can, and this is where we meet her. Born into a world where magic is commonplace and yet still persecuted, her home is sheltered from the surrounding world. Yet she runs headfirst into the surrounding world, and straight into the arms of the delicious wanderer Grant. Who is Grant, and why is he in the valley where she stops? Where does he come from? What secrets does he hold? All of these things and more will be broached in their journey to know each other, and their journey to love. Can Rowan and Grant overcome their differences and be together? Wander through the village with them and find out.

Book Blurb for Shattered Magic

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage to an evil magician, Rowan flees her village—and runs right into the path of a handsome stranger. When Grant comes to her aid, she takes comfort in his arms...and sees a solution to her problem. Her betrothal will be called off if she loses her virginity—and her virile protector is the perfect man to do the honor.

Determined to seduce him, Rowan traps them together in a cave, where she and Grant soon give in to their undeniable desires. But despite their growing bond, she cannot reveal her telekinetic powers or risk being persecuted as a witch.

Grant has a secret of his own—he is Prince Grantland, reluctant heir to the throne of Arandal. He's thrilled to find a woman who's interested in him, not his crown. But he and Rowan cannot hide themselves—and the truth—forever. Will their love survive once Grant discovers she's everything he's been raised to hate and fear? 23,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00