Out Of The Past

What does one do when the shadows of the past resurrect themselves and come to visit? That is the basis of the novel, Out of the Past. The story deals with the lives of two paranormal groups, vampires and werewolves, their interactions with each other, the human population, and a crazed killer. Enter in psychic Shanna, who can “see” the killings as they occur, a vampire detective on a personal crusade, no clear clues in any direction, and the story takes flight. As the bodies stack up, vampire detective Damien uses all the resources at his disposal to stop the killer before he strikes again, while still protecting the paranormal community from full-blown exposure to the world.

This novel is a non-stop action packed blast from start to finish. It made it very difficult to put down. The characters are beautifully and fully developed, and the story is easy to follow and just as easy to become absorbed in. A fantastic ride through the twists and turns of the paranormal world, this novel is an absolute blast.

Book Blurb for Out Of The Past

A series of killings has the Toronto Police Department in turmoil. The press has labelled the killer a “werewolf” and hysteria is on the rise in the heat of the summer… Detective Damien Knightley is the lead investigator, but he’s got secrets of his own that need guarding in this very public investigation. Knightley is a vampire, and as the case gets more complex, what he discovers has him both baffled and worried.

In the Northern Ontario town of Brighton, a visionary woman finds a stranger outside her door, and because he’s near death she brings him into her home. In the wake of her kindness, dreams and visions expose things that terrify her. The stranger is a wolf, and history is about to repeat itself and explode in violent death if they can’t reach Toronto and capture a renegade on a blood-hunt.

As Damien recalls a love from a century ago, the threads of time are being pulled together, joining the past and the present. The beautiful woman he is falling in love with is bringing back memories he’d rather forget, and when the killer is finally revealed, there are more questions than answers in the identity…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00