Keeping Secrets

Undercover Heroes, #1

I have to admit, when I first picked up this novel, it was not what I expected. After reading it, what I found was that it was much more than I ever anticipated. I expected a story of two people whose lives had intersected, and those secrets that each held made their lives together more than interesting. What developed was a highly entertaining, deeply involved story of murder, betrayal, and more secrets than anyone has a right to. The characters drew me in, and helped make the novel as enchanting as it was. Obviously, this novel was a pure delight to read, and I have no doubt whatsoever that anyone who picks up this book will agree.

Jeremy Loud is deep undercover. One bright day, as he is walking through town, he neglects to look behind him and see the beautiful red head driving a carriage at full speed….straight into him. The driver is Magen Maguire, but she is also deep in hiding for reasons of her own, so she is known as Magen Miller. She decides to care for the injured man herself, and in doing so, discovers that there is much more to Jeremy Loud than meets the eye. Jeremy, on the other hand, is very surprised by his spontaneous nurse. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s very spirited as well. So he’s highly surprised when, to save her from embarrassment, she agrees to his surprise plan to announce to the world that she is his proxy bride! And then the town surprises them both and makes it real! But when the past comes back to threaten them both, can Magen and Jeremy find a way to overcome their secrets and learn to be happy together? Or will it all fall apart?

Book Blurb for Keeping Secrets

Historical Romantic Suspense from the author of the Kindle Bestselling Gothic and Time Travel Romance, ISLAND OF SECRETS

Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise.

Jeremy Loud is good at what he does.

As a Secret Service Operative he's quick on his feet and a master of his emotions.

Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a mysterious woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she's a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble. Soon he realizes his assignment to infiltrate and bring to justice the infamous Quincy Davenport and his band of counterfeiters might be easier than keeping one strong-willed and beautiful redhead out of trouble.

Malden Grove, Illinois has no idea the trouble headed it's way...

A daughter hell-bent on avenging her father....

A handsome stranger with secrets of his own....

A case of mistaken identity and a situation that has them both KEEPING SECRETS in a town where everyone is interested in everybody else's business.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50