A Broken Promise

As a long standing fan of historical romance, I had little doubt in my mind that I’d love this book. I have to admit, this novel had me hooked from the first few pages on. The characters were brave and inspiring, and always intrepid. The story was not what I expected, and took more twists and turns than a roller coaster on high. The heroine, Lady Alexandra, is not a typical heroine. She has been hurt, and while still delicate, she is also very strong willed, and she quickly became the character I loved the most. This enchanting book is one that has earned a special place in my shelves, and will be read time and again.

Lady Alexandra always dreamed that she would have a beautiful society wedding. She was to marry her sweetheart, Oliver, future Earl of Somerset, and have the most beautiful wedding anyone has ever seen. That is, until the dream turned into a nightmare and her parents were murdered and her home set ablaze. Everyone thought Alexandra had perished as well as her parents. But all is not as it seems. Now three long years have passed, and after a daring escape, Lady Alexandra is free. Oliver is stunned to find her on his doorstep, half-starved and much changed. Where has she been? What happened to her? As her tale unfolds, Oliver’s anger grows. Who was the scoundrel who held her captive for these three long years? As Oliver sets his mind to capturing this miscreant, he knows there is a bigger issue at hand. While his heart still loves Alexandra, and he knows she still loves him, Oliver has secrets of his own. He was married, and has a child. How can Lexie accept this? While secrets and betrayals run deep and so close to home, Oliver must keep his wits about him in order to save both himself and Lexie, or risk losing all.

Book Blurb for A Broken Promise

The Society wedding of her dreams turns to kidnapping, betrayal, and murder…

The country home of the Earl of Devon is a rambling limestone edifice just outside Exeter. The stately woods and meadows surrounding it contribute to its widely acclaimed warmth and charm. But when a mysterious fire destroys the family apartments, the earl, his countess, and their lovely daughter, the Lady Alexandra, are all believed dead. Mourning the loss of his fiancé, Oliver, Duke of Somerset, marries another to secure the line of succession.

Struggling with betrayal and resentment, Alexandra tries to piece together what went so very wrong in her life. Escaping from the sanatorium where she’s been kept captive for three years, she’s determined to discover who was responsible for her parents’ deaths and her confinement. But when she finds Oliver—now widowed and with a child—she realizes things have changed. And they only become darker when she learns the treachery runs deep…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50