Irish Magic

Anita M. Whiting’s latest release, Irish Magic is a great romantic suspense with a dash of the paranormal.
Abby Flannigan is a woman who has the gift of sight and doesn’t understand where she got it from. When she receives a diary of an ancestor from her grandmother, she learns about where her gifts came from and more of her family’s history. Jake Kelly is a cop in his hometown, working on a case of a possible serial killer. When he meets Abby one night at his partners house, his life and this case changes. Abby begins receiving visions about the serial killer’s victims and as she and Jake work towards the killer’s identity the passion they have for each other flares to life. The more they work the case the more it seems that Abby is the killer’s focus, but just how are they connected?

Anita M Whiting’s characters have great personalities and wonderful spunk. Her look into the killers mind is fascinating and just the right amount of creepy. I love how she blends the paranormal and the romantic suspense seamlessly and gives the readers a wonderfully intriguing story. Even though this is a long e-book, it is worth the read and this is a book that I recommend. 

Book Blurb for Irish Magic

Abby buried her face in her hands. Why couldn’t she see the killer! She had the power to visualize every murder scene, even the details in the background. Yet every time the murderer’s face began to appear, the vision vanished. Abby’s clairvoyance was something she had always battled with and it was only after her grandmother had given her the diary that had belonged to her great-great grandmother that she began to come to terms with her powers. It was only then that she was able to see the murderer’s face. And that vision was totally devastating!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.50