Take It Like A Vamp

Take It Like A Vamp, #1

Take It Like A Vamp puts a romantic, contemporary twist on the classical paranormal read. Take It Like A Vamp is a humorous tale of what it means to find true love, vampire style!

Casey Meyers is gruesomely unlucky in the romance department. Following a string of disappointing relationships and proving the point that Casey carries deep within the subconscious of her mind, the only man she is ever going to be happy with sharing her bed and life with is Nick Christos; her best friend. Casey is aware that she is pushing the forbidden boundaries of friendship in her attempt to seduce Nick, especially since she sees herself unworthy to date a man like Nick. But she is pulled into his oh so charming spell and the husky masculinity that the man possess. Casey is willing to prove to Nick that she is the love of his life. But at a great cost and the secrets in which Nick is hiding could prove fatal to Casey, leaving her the question, is love truly worth the risk?

Nick Christos is a billionaire on a mission. He wants to conquer and bed the beautiful Casey Meyers, a mortal that he has resisted if only as an attempt to protect the woman he loves from harm. Nick is hiding a deadly secret, he was born in the middle ages as a werewolf only to turn into a vampire. Nick has lived the passing 800 years in search of the perfect mate and now he has found that in the delightful Casey Meyers. When an ancient threat of his past makes its presences known, Nick is forced to retreat with the woman he loves. Nick knows Casey loves him, but the secrets in which he hides threatens to crumble the very existence of their love. In the end, Nick must either confess his true identity to the woman he loves or risk losing her at the hands of his enemies and that of his lies forever.

I have to admit I'm strictly a fan of classical paranormal tales, but the humor and modern romance of Ms. Haven's writing style captured my attention and converted me into adapting today's approach of vampire novels! The dialogue of this book was seductively witty with Nick being an alpha hero. I liked how dedicated he was to proving his love to Casey. My only down fall with this novel was I wish Nick hadn't felt the need to consume food while balancing it with blood, my only complaint. Regardless, I recommend the works of Ms. Havens to any reader seeking a darker thrill!

Book Blurb for Take It Like A Vamp

Vampire Nick Christos might have been born in the Middle Ages, but those days seem tame compared to the last eight years spent ruling the Supernatural Council. The only respite in his long days of governing is with his sweet neighbor Casey Meyers. Sure, he's forced to take a cold shower after every encounter, but no way will he risk anything more with a human. Not with his blood thirsty ex on the prowl and out to ruin Nick’s life.

But when said crazy ex shows up at the ball and flies her freak flag high, Nick has more to worry about than keeping his hands off his neighbor. He'll have to stay closer than ever if he hopes to keep her alive, but will she want to leave him forever when she learns the truth? (Novel - 45,000 - 69,999)

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.00