Midnight's Surrender

Dark Warriors 8.5 / Holiday Novella

Upon my completion of Midnight's Surrender I found myself becoming a fan of Donna Grant's penned novels. This novella is book 8.5 in the Dark Warriors series and while it was splendid it was by no means dull. I enjoyed most of what was written, but I still find myself wishing that I knew more about the characters. The chemistry was fast, but intense and I liked how the romance reflected that of a holiday spent on an Isle. This novella served as a great midnight read.

Dale Alexander is a warrior and for the past months has found himself trailing the strong scent of pure magic. He has been unable to find the answer as to why such a powerful magic has drawn him to the Isle of Coll. As the magic drawls closer Dale senses the magic is that of a Druid. When Dale arrives upon the farm of Rennie, the druid Dale finds the beautiful woman injured in a snowstorm. Dale rescues Rennie and together the two spend the hours of the snowstorm alone together.

As a Druid Rennie is unaware of the power that she possesses. When the handsome warrior rescues her in a snowstorm there is more than just instant attraction that drawls Rennie to Dale. There is a dark magic threat that insists upon Rennie selling her land. Rennie and Dale work together, seeking answers that only they can find.

This novella is another great read from Ms. Grant. Dark and romantic I enjoyed how well the romance was allowed to lead. It kept the foundation of the novella strong and it made for a very interesting tale. There were clues left out, perhaps because I didn't read the other books of this series. I think more answers could have been revealed in the novella so that readers could properly understand the points of view. However this novella is sure to please fans of Paranormal and of Romance alike.

Book Blurb for Midnight's Surrender

Dale has been on the run--on the run from himself and the demons that haunt him.  However, when he comes across a stunningly beautiful woman he cannot resist, he knows that he must do whatever it takes to possess her. She is a Druid with secrets of her own, but he is drawn to her like no other.  Even when danger closes in around them, Dale knows that the true threat is to his very soul, which he will sacrifice in order to save her.

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Book 8.5: Midnight's Surrender

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.50