Love Struck

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Love Struck

Love Struck is a laugh out loud, humorous novel about life and love and what it means to believe in a second chance!

Twenty-seven year old Poppy Ross has it all. A soaring career, great friends, killer condo and of course there is her handsome hubby Parker. Poppy's life is filled with chaos, but there is one thing she can count on and that is Parker's devotion to her. Parker serves as Poppy's foundation to her life and to their marriage, but when Poppy discovers that Parker is having an affair with a woman that is her complete opposite, Poppy is dumbfounded and lost for words. Poppy knows that she has to confront Parker and demand that he tell her about the affair, murder after all is against the law. Before Poppy has a chance to confront Parker she receives the phone call that will forever change the outcome of her marriage, Parker has been struck by lightning and is unconscious.

When Parker awakens within the hospital, Poppy learns that he has lost his short term memory and as no recollection of the affair. All Parker knows is that he loves and adores his wife. As fate continues to play the lead role of the game, Parker develops into a new man, a man that Poppy isn't sure that she understands nor likes. The accident has changed Parker, but Poppy has suffered at the hands of having to deal secretly with the fact that Parker was having an affair with a woman that is older than she. Poppy decides to undergo a change, creating her image based solely on the woman that Parker cheated with. Only Parker is confused and doesn't accept the changes is wife is making. Together, Parker and Poppy must learn that love truly conquers all if there is any hope in saving their marriage.

I loved this novel! It is my first time ever reading a novel penned by Chantel Guertin but it won't be my last! There was nothing that I despised about this book! I loved how witty, strong and independent Poppy is and I related to her every step of the way. I also found it rather easy to sympathize with Parker and I think that readers will as well. I rooted and pleaded with Poppy and Parker to find their happily ever after ending and by doing so I think we all learn that second chances are possible with those that we deeply love and are committed to forgiving.

Book Blurb for Love Struck

When 27-year-old image consultant Poppy Ross discovers that her handsome and seemingly devoted husband Parker is having an affair, she is dumbfounded. But before she has the chance to confront him, he is struck by lightning and when he regains consciousness, he has lost his short-term memories—including those of the affair. Given a chance to erase history and possibly save her marriage, Poppy decides to remake herself in the mistress’s image, so that Parker might never be tempted to stray again. Her quest to become his perfect woman has disastrous, and hilarious, results that may ultimately turn out to be the worst thing possible for her marriage.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50