Flirting With Fortune

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Flirting With Fortune

A Sealed With a Kiss Novel

Flirting with Fortune is the third book of author Erin Knightley's Sealed with a Kiss series. For the most part I found this book to be rather enjoyable, but it is nowhere near making it on my favorite's list of titles I've reviewed this year!

I found the heroine, Beatrice Moore to be a little pesky in her quest for spying and gossiping. Beatrice is the daughter of a Marquis with a deep love of painting. Her favorite artist is Sir Fredrick Tate, Colin's (the hero) newly departed father. Beatrice meets Colin once she is discovered by him literally snooping through a private art collection by Sir Colin Tate, a mysterious Scotsman. Both Beatrice and Colin are immediately attractive to each other without either one of them knowing the true identity of the other person nor the true secrets in which Colin is hiding.

Sir Colin is a fortune hunter. A man seeking a bride in order to pay off the lingering debts that his artistic father left behind. Colin takes advantage of Beatrice's admiration for his father artwork and invites her to a private tour of his late father's paintings. It is only once Colin begins to fall in love with Lady Beatrice does an outside source reveal what is to believed to be Colin's true interest in the striking beauty.

This novel was well written with heartfelt moments and happiness that is crushed by the sadness of Colin's betrayal. My biggest flaw with this novel was that the romance was very slow paced. It progresses throughout the book, but I desired to see more of the hidden chemistry between Beatrice and Colin. The action is immediate, but the romance itself continues to drag throughout the chapters. I wasn't a fan of how Ms. Knightley chose to do this. Still, I believe this novel has the very foundation in which readers crave and I will be reading more of Ms. Knightley's books in the future.

Book Blurb for Flirting With Fortune


Sir Colin Tate has never imagined marrying for money. But debts left by his artist father have put his siblings’ futures in danger. To wed an eligible heiress, this independent-minded Scot must play by restrictive rules?until an irresistible lady dares to pursue her passion for art?and him.


Lady Beatrice Moore can spy a fortune hunter as expertly as she captures subjects on canvas. But when she meets the striking son of Britain’s most celebrated painter, the attraction is instantaneous?blinding her to the possibility that he could ever be one of those schemers.?


Then the truth comes out, shattering Lady Beatrice’s faith in the mischievous yet kind man who has captured her heart. With reputations and fortunes hanging in the balance, Colin and she must find a way to trust in a love that cannot be proven?or face an unfathomable loss.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50