Amanda Running Scared

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Amanda Running Scared

Amanda Running Scared is a sweet, Christian based romance novel, with a strong Christian hero in Bruce Palmer. Amanda Vanderbilt, the heroine is a widowed mother of a small child on the run from an unknown stalker.

This book was an okay read. My biggest issues were that the too often the characters actions just didn't make any sense. The responses they had the events in the book were not only illogical but seemed to go against the characters personalities.

On the issue of personalities of the characters, while Bruce was reasonably likable, if a little flat, Amanda was completely unlikable, spoiled and snobby in the beginning and it was difficult to overcome this initial dislike of her.

Unfortunately, I never really got drawn into the book. There were too many instances where I was drawn out of the book by character behavior that made no sense and the feeling that the story was being rushed.

That being said the actual writing was good, just the story was less than engaging.

Book Blurb for Amanda Running Scared

Someone wants her dead... But why?

When Amanda Vanderbilt is attacked at a party, she hides in a cowboy’s horse trailer to elude the masked man suddenly stalking her relentlessly.

Bruce Palmer is on a mission to pick up horses for his boss across country in Seattle. A loner, he wants nothing to do with the pretty blonde he finds stowed away.

But like it or not, he’s been lassoed into the mess, and it’s now his duty to protect her.

Who is the masked man and why is he chasing them in a semi?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 3.00