His Wicked Reputation

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His Wicked Reputation

His Wicked Reputation is a delightful story from one of the most loved historical romance novelists out there. Madeline Hunter is one of the heavy hitters in this genre and is still delivering wonderfully entertaining and thrilling stories.

In this newest release we meet Gareth Fitzallen, the bastard son of aristocratic heritage. He has a reputation for seducing experienced women who practically line up to spend time with him. But, when he comes to Langdon's End to restore the property he has inherited, and to look into a major art theft, he meets the spinster Eva Russell. She is a woman obviously lacking any experience with intimacy and he can't seem to stay away from her.

Eva Russell is a talented artist and that skill has kept food on the table for her and her sister. Eva perceives her duty is to see her beautiful sister married. When Eva meets Gareth she is left speechless by his looks. After he pays a call on her, she is warned the man has a wicked reputation and is perhaps not the man she should attempt to attach to her sister. But, it isn't Eva's lovely sister Gareth is interested in.... and Eva is in big trouble because Gareth Fitzallen is reputed to be irresistible.

What a fun book this was! It is very light story without a lot of heavy drama or angst. It was told with humor, wit, and delightful banter between the characters. There were perhaps a few slow passages where the story lost a little momentum, but it quickly recovered.

The art theft thread was very cleverly plotted and adds a bit of danger, and intrigue, which is always on the table where an art theft is concerned. There are a few tense moments here and there as Gareth connects the dots and the investigation really heats up.

The art theft, and the hunt for a husband for Eva's sister, takes a backseat to the passionate affair between Eva and Gareth. Gareth is just dreamy and certainly lives up to his wicked reputation. I enjoyed seeing Eva come to life in Gareth's skillful hands and, of course, getting her very own happy ever after.

So, to sum it up, if you like historical romance with a little humor, served with a side of danger or mystery, you should give this one a try.

Book Blurb for His Wicked Reputation

From the New York Times bestselling Madeline Hunter comes this first in a stunning new trilogy about three irresistibly attractive brothers.  This is the story of the bastard brother.... For fans of Mary Balogh and Amanda Quick.

Gareth Fitzallen is celebrated for four things: his handsome face, his notable charm, his aristocratic connections, and an ability to give the kind of pleasure that has women begging for more. Normally he bestows his talents on experienced, worldly women. But when he heads to Langdon’s End to restore a property he inherited?and to investigate a massive art theft?he lays plans to seduce a most unlikely lady.

Eva Russell lives a spinster’s life of precarious finances and limited dreams while clinging to her family’s old gentry status. She supports herself by copying paintings while she plots to marry her lovely sister to a well-established man. Everyone warns her of Gareth’s reputation, and advises her to lock her sister away. Only it is not her sister Gareth desires. One look, and she knows he is trouble. One kiss, however, proves she is no match for this master of seduction.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00