Worth Fighting For

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Worth Fighting For

Little Blue Book 1

Hoping to avoid politics, Tasid takes charge of a resource vessel bound for what everyone believed to be a barren solar system and discovers sentient life worthy of first contact where his life takes a challenging turn in this exciting sci-fi romance.

The whole world changed for Juno and her three best friends the day the aliens made themselves known and the reader can’t help but be drawn into the story as first contact is made and Juno finds herself falling naked and hoping an alien will catch her. Ever wonder what first contact with aliens would be like, well this author has created a fascinating series full of intriguing and colorful characters and I do mean colorful with some interesting characteristics that are sure to capture your imagination. The characters are strong, compelling and demand your attention while they introduce themselves to your world in this steady to fast paced plot full of suspense excitement and romance.

Anticipation grabs a hold of the readers immediately as Tasid begins preparing to make first contact and of course the excitement doesn’t stop there as humans have to adjust to the fact that they aren’t the only beings in existence and some react with typical behavior but for Juno and her best friends the excitement has just began however the resources that Earth can provide for the aliens is one hot commodity that some out there will stop at nothing to acquire and their mating rituals add some hair raising excitement as well. The intriguing events hold readers captive from the very beginning while ensuring that there is never a dull moment in this well written story full of vivid details that make it easy to picture each and every scene.

The aliens that Tigertalez has brought to life is creative, colorful and just what I would hope that the aliens out there are like…did I mention that they sound sexy as sin…where was I? Oh yeah, I was completely fascinated by the story and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Book Blurb for Worth Fighting For

Tasid has never wanted anything to do with the political agendas of his overbearing father, and with the newfound peace between the galaxy’s two largest alliances, he hopes he can at last avoid politics entirely. He takes charge of a resource vessel bound for what everyone has assumed is a barren solar system. Providence, however, has other plans for him and his crew, and Tasid is the one who discovers sentient life worthy of first contact. But what the tiny planet can offer could start an even bigger war, one spanning the entire galaxy.

The world changes for Juno Lavender and her three best friends when alien life is not only discovered, but finds its way into Earth’s orbit. Whether this event will prove advantageous or deleterious is unknown. Juno can only hope for the former, but between the riots, attacks, explosions, and abductions—and the whole falling naked from thousands of feet hoping an alien will catch her in a mating ceremony, she fears it may just be for the latter.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00