Wild Wolf Claiming

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Wild Wolf Claiming

He was supposed to protect Skye from becoming a madman’s next victim but Elliot desires her more than his next breath and now things about to get bloody, dangerous and wild in this exciting paranormal romance.

All Elliot Connors' senses scream that Skye is his life mate but his past has taught him that nothing worth having ever comes easy and the reader can’t help but get pulled into this rocky emotionally gripping romance as Skye and Elliot try to stay alive. Both of them have some personal demons that have done some serious damage to their psyches which has lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages as it causes quite a few problems but the chemistry is hot and steamy and their desire for each other keeps them on the path to a happily ever after. These strong compelling characters capture the heart while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot excites readers with lots of suspense, action and romance.

Suspense and action builds lots of spine tingling tension throughout the story as Elliot and Skye barely stay one step ahead of the madman’s army and unexpected twist keep readers on their toes as the madman’s motivation and ultimate goal remain elusive. The well written scenes and details make it easy for the reader to become caught up in the adrenaline pumping excitement as the intriguing events ensure that the reader has to keep turning the pages.

The Bloodrunners are always an exciting and sexy bunch of werewolves to visit and I was completely caught up in Elliot and Skye’s story from the very beginning, especially since Elliot caught my attention a ways back in the series. I have a few theories as to what the madman may be up to and I can’t wait to find out which one, if any it may be, but one thing is for certain, the Bloodrunners will do what it takes to put an end to his evil.

Book Blurb for Wild Wolf Claiming

His wolf had never reacted this strongly to a woman… And. She. Was. His. 

Werewolf Elliot Connors had come to the sleepy town of Charity to stop a madman from claiming his next victims for his macabre collection of sex slaves. After saving Skye Hewitt from being kidnapped, Elliot desires the diner waitress more than his next breath. All his senses scream that Skye is his life-mate. But his past has taught him well that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Now things are about to get bloody, dangerous…and wild.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00