The Dark Vampire

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The Dark Vampire

Last True Vampire Series, #3

Plagued by the shadows of his past, Jenner stalks the night, unable to satisfy his insatiable desires until a beautiful vampire sets his soul on fire in this spectacular paranormal romance.

Bria’s been kept hidden from a merciless enemy all her life and she longs for freedom, and the reader can’t help but be pulled in to the passion and thrills as a blazing connection is sparked between Jenner and Bria. The fireworks explode with total abandon as Bria and Jenner clash in a battle of wills while struggling with the burning desires that tether their souls, but with the shackles of their pasts holding them back, there are lots of sparks and emotional angst that capture the spirit of this strong, compelling couple and draws readers into their story as the fast-paced and smooth-flowing plot thrills with lots of suspense, excitement, and romance.

There are those that are against the reemergence of the vampires, so there is some intrigue throughout the story that continues the overall series plot and then there is other vampire and dhampir turmoil that adds to the expectation and spine-tingling tension of the story, but the adrenaline-pumping excitement comes from Bria and Jenner’s fiery relationship and the merciless enemy that stalks Bria with deadly intentions. In other words, this story is chock full of action and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat and the author's vivid descriptions of all the intriguing events ensured that I enjoyed each and every minute of it.

This series is a fascinating mix of mythology with a very creative spin, some interestingly different elements and an overall plot that ensures I am going to keep coming back for more. Bria and Jenner’s story is one that held me hostage from beginning to end, not to mention that it had a few surprises that will surely spice up future books even more, and I can’t wait.

Book Blurb for The Dark Vampire


Jenner is a newly turned vampire who stalks the night like a wild beast of prey, hunting and feeding his appetites with a string of willing women…and always wanting more. Nothing can satisfy the aching hunger that burns inside him?until he crosses paths with a beautiful, innocent vampire who sets his soul on fire.

Bria has never been able to escape the confines of her uncle’s home. But when the smolderingly sexy Jenner saves her?and promises to be her bodyguard?Bria is brought to a dark world of dangerous, insatiable desire. But once they feed upon each other, they expose themselves to an evil that they never saw coming…and now there’s no turning back. Will they divide and conquer?or stay together and lose it all to lust?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50