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The Protectors Series, #6

As the only female recruit, Jill already has an uphill battle ahead of her and falling for the sexy doctor won’t make it any easier. With each new challenge it soon becomes clear that the two things she wants the most may never be in this thrilling paranormal romance.

Being a lifesaver and lifetaker has been a constant battle for Dr. Slade Buchanan but none of his struggles has prepared him for the difficulty he has in resisting Jill. The reader can’t help but admire Jill as she captures their heart from the very beginning, with everything she’s been through she’s still going strong and has the courage to go after what she wants and Slade makes delicious shivers go up and down the spine, he’s dominant, sexy and oh so protective. The fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge of their seat with lots of suspense, excitement and romance.

The battle between the Mayor and the half-breeds continue as the Warriors soon discover that there is more to the plot behind the mayor’s actions which causes lots of exciting tension and danger and let’s not forget the training that Jill and her friends are going through to become Warriors, that adds even more excitement. Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment in Jill and Slades’ story and the snark and teasing between team mates adds humor and fun to the otherwise serious and hot romance. The well written scenes and details bring the story to life while the strong compelling characters ensure that the readers enjoy every minutes of their story and come back for more.

I was completely enthralled with Jill and Slade’s romance, especially since Slade fought so hard to resist. I can’t wait for Sloan to get a taste of the mating bug and I really want to know more about Jax and that nifty little ability that he has, I sure didn’t see that coming.

Book Blurb for Slade

Highly trained VC Warrior, Dr. Slade Buchanan’s, role between lifesaver and lifetaker has been a constant battle, but nothing prepared him for half-breed VC Warrior trainee, Jill Nichols. Slade realizes his struggles from the past were nothing compared to the difficulty of resisting the woman who could never belong to a man like him.

Being the only female VC Warrior recruit, Jill Nichols, has an uphill battle. Falling for the sexy doctor, Slade Buchanan, has not made the battle any easier, especially when he constantly reminds her and others there will never be anything between them. Working harder than any male recruit, obstacles are thrown in her path, and with each challenge, it becomes clear that the two things she wants most may never be.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 5.00