Sterling Moon, #2

The second book in the Sterling Moon series is an intriguing fast read with surprising twists.

Adrian is a man, werewolf and master of his domain and is captured while manning a remote a cabin during the winter. Jessica’s passion has always been for studying wolves, not just for science but also to study her bloodline. And then deceit and betrayal rock Jessica’s world until Adrian extends a helping hand.

This short and fast read has some surprising twists that make for a refreshing werewolf story. The characters are bewitching with strong charismatic personalities that the reader easily relates to.

The chemistry between Adrian and Jessica radiates heat from the moment they meet and the sex scenes are hot and steamy. The author does a good job at conveying the emotions involved in this action packed and thrilling read.

I enjoyed this short story except that I feel it could have been better if it had been lengthened and some points better explained.

Book Blurb for Captivated

The North Cascade Mountains harbor many mysteries, and one of them is Adrian Dillon: man, werewolf, and master of his domain. Manning the remote rescue cabin during the winter was his one ticket to unfettered freedom, until one day it comes to an abrupt halt.

Studying wolves had always been Jessica Allen’s passion, not just for their preservation, but to find answers about herself and her bloodline. Opportunity and fate entangle, seeming to work against her until one man extends a helping hand.

When deceit and betrayal rock Jessica and Adrian's world, can love forge a bond that is more than physical?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 3.00