Wyoming Bride

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Wyoming Bride

A Bitter Creek Novel / Mail-Order Brides #2

I so enjoyed Texas Bride, the first book in the Mail-Order Brides series but was a bit disappointed with this second installment. I didn't really connect with either Hannah or Flint. Neither was particularly self-sacrificing nor noble. The plot is interesting and secondary characters like Emmaline and Ransom add to the action and conflict. The author does capture the difficulty and danger of the time period and setting is richly detailed. The romance is slow to start but there's clearly a chemistry between Hannah and Flint. Once they get out of their own heads, the love story does take off. On the whole, I enjoyed this read and I can't wait for next one. In the meantime, I plan to start Ms. Johnston's related series. I love the way she tells a story.

Hannah Wentworth became a mail-order bride to protect her sisters. Before she knew it, she was widow with a baby due. After she's badly hurt in an Indian attack, Hannah is rescued by stranger with a secret. Flint Creed is in love with brother's intended. When he finds an injured woman, he sees a chance to hide his feelings. He offers Hannah a practical marriage. But life in Wyoming is hard and filled with danger and Flint and Hannah find their marriage of convenience becoming so much more.

Book Blurb for Wyoming Bride

The sensational second novel in Joan Johnston’s new Western historical romance series set in the world of Bitter Creek.


After three months in a mail-order marriage, Hannah Wentworth McMurtry is a widow—pregnant, alone, and near death in the Wyoming wilderness. Though she is saved by a man with a face cut from stone, she still grieves the husband who died on their journey west. Hannah needs a husband, but does she dare marry another stranger?

Flint Creed has also lost someone he loved—when the woman he hoped to marry chose his younger brother instead. Now he must find a ranch wife of his own. But every female in the remote Wyoming Territory is too old, too young, or already married . . . until he discovers Hannah on the prairie. Flint doesn’t pretend to love her, but he doesn’t tell her he loves another woman, either. Hannah doesn’t pretend to love him, but she doesn’t tell him about the child she carries. Though danger surrounds them on the Wyoming frontier, the greatest threats of all are the secrets within—revelations that could destroy the new life Hannah and Flint have begun to cherish.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00