Tying the Scot

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Tying the Scot

"Tying the Scot" is charming and enjoyable historical romance. The genre of Scottish romance is very popular but the stories and characters start to feel the same. Not so with Ms. Trethewey’s tale, the characters are funny, strong, foolish and brave. They make mistakes and make amends. Alex and Lucy are pure magic together as they try to navigate the rocky road set before them. They match wits perfectly and there’s always an undercurrent of attraction between them.

The plot involves intrigue and betrayal that provides a fascinating backdrop for the story. Alex’s friends and family are well developed and bring more depth to the story. And Hercules, Lucy's pet can be counted on to add color to any scene. My favorite part of the this book is the dialogue. It is well written and completely engaging. There were many times I thought to myself ‘you didn’t just say that’. The author lets the reader into Lucy’s and Alex’s minds as we experience their often heated confrontations. There are sweet and touching moments too. All around, this story is hit for me.

Lucy FitzHarris has her heart set on one man but is promised to another. Alex Sinclair is honoring an old promise. Neither expects the betrayals or attraction that starts when Lucy heads to the Highlands to be married.

Book Blurb for Tying the Scot

At first, Alex Sinclair, the future Laird of Balforss, has difficulty convincing Lucy FitzHarris to go through with their arranged marriage. Once Lucy arrives, she cannot resist the allure of her handsome Highland fiancé. But when Alex betrays Lucy, she is tricked into running away. Alex must rein in his temper to rescue his lady from unforeseen danger and Lucy must swallow her pride if she hopes to wed the Highlander she has come to love.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.50