Soul of Kandrith

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Soul of Kandrith

The Kandrith Series Conclusion

I couldn't wait to read this second book in the Kandrith series. Gate to Kandrith was an extraordinary fantasy romance but it was incomplete. Soul of Kandrith finishes the saga. Love, sacrifice and loss continue to be the theme. The world is complex and harsh. Lance is still the man we knew but Sara's lot this time is difficult and, by necessity, one dimensional. A woman without a soul has to be a tough character to write. Sara was so alive in the first story. There is a lot going on and the action is nonstop. I found the myself caught up and unable to leave the story. There is a good deal of violence(including rape) and it is graphic. There are no knights in shining armor in this land. However, the tone fits the unusual plot. I'm not sure I agree with some of the choices that Lance and Sara make but I still enjoyed the book. Secondary characters add to dimension. I especially liked the romance between Rhiain and Evard. It softened the story some. While clearly Soul of Kandrith isn't an easy 'beach' read, it is a haunting story that maybe asks more questions than gives answers - When is the price too high?

Sara willing sacrificed her soul to save Kandrith. She is little more than shell. Lance is determined to find a way to help her. In the meantime, they must embark on a mission to insight a rebellion.

Book Blurb for Soul of Kandrith

Lance is a healer and wielder of slave magic, a power that demands sacrifice. He gave up his health to gain the ability to heal others, but he's powerless to cure his beloved Sara, who sacrificed her soul to save Lance and all of Kandrith. Returning her soul would negate her gift, at the cost of his life and the freedom of his homeland.

Now Sara is but a shell of the noble, spirited woman she once was. All that Lance saw and loved in her is gone, but he refuses to give up on her. Charged by his sister, the ruler of Kandrith, with a mission to encourage a budding rebellion within the aggrandizing Republic of Temboria, he leaves with Sara in tow. But not before Wenda's soulsight detects a spark within her.

Amidst the escalating dangers in hostile territory, Lance will have to risk both his beloved and his homeland in a final gambit to save them both…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00