Seduced by the Dandy Lion

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Seduced by the Dandy Lion

I didn’t really know what I expected when I started “Seduced by the Dandy Lion”, but it was so much more than I had thought. It was a very touching and surprising read. The characters are so real and their experiences so emotional. Drew starts off as a seemingly weak, foolish man while Marianne comes off as a victim of circumstance. The author deftly tells the story of their transformations. This is a captivating tale of growth, courage and hope.

Drew comes home after four years a changed man. His reflection on his time away is gripping. Marianne is understandably upset and confused, but she has a core of steel that had sustained her through the years and trials of Drew’s absence. The aftermath of her husband’s return is focus of this engaging and emotional story. It grabbed my attention from the first page and didn’t let me go until the end. I was fascinated, saddened, angry and overjoyed. It’s rare that a story can reach such heights of emotion. Add engaging secondary characters like Chase and the suspense of a kidnapping and you end up with a thoroughly entertaining read. A unique historical romance!

Book Blurb for Seduced by the Dandy Lion

Forced into an arranged marriage, Marianne, a slightly plump and plain daughter of a social-climbing merchant, and Andrew, the recognized fop of the ton and son of a constantly beguiled earl, have little more in common than the spark that happens when their fingertips touch. But they will do their duty for their respective families.

When Andrew disappears and is pressed into service on a merchant vessel, Marianne must fend for herself as her condescending, disrespectful father-in-law kicks her out of the family townhouse and hounds her to relinquish her dowry.

But what happens four years later when Andrew returns looking and acting nothing like the fop he was only to discover his now beautiful, self-sufficient wife is being courted by a new suitor?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.50