The Undateable

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The Undateable

Librarians in Love, #1

“The Undateable” by Sarah Title combines multiple familiar themes into a sweet love story. The modern twist of social media’s impact combined with the stereotypes of librarians plus the challenge of finding someone who will accept you for who you are was a fun light read. I loved the reminder of the special challenges of working in an academic library even as I identified with Melissa’s introverted but comfortable-with-herself personality. It was funny to realize that some stereotypes are in existence for a reason, as I also could sympathize with her struggle to deal with the obtuse superior and his less-than-diplomatic publicity campaign. It took a while, but Colin finally began to grow on me as he finally was honest with himself and Melissa, and his pithy advice column provided a nice aside every so often. Most of the secondary characters are fairly nebulous, but the glimpses of Colin’s coworkers are entertaining and it would have been nice to get to know some of them better.

I think this is a fun light story that would be perfect for a beach read.

This romantic comedy is the first book in the 'Librarians in Love' series and follows college librarian Melissa (Bernie) Bernard, who has the misfortune to become a meme. This brings her to the attention of a journalist/advice columnist for an Internet fashion magazine, Colin Rodriguez, who makes it his mission to find the perfect date for her. It turns out to be a bigger project than he expected, but he has plenty of incentive to make it a success…or at least a successful set of articles.

Book Blurb for The Undateable

One San Francisco librarian would rather check out a good romance than dare to experience it herself. Luckily, her own next chapter is full of surprises…

Melissa “Bernie” Bernard isn’t familiar with fame. After all, she works at a college library with hardly any visitors. But when a video of a marriage proposal in her stacks goes viral, it’s not the bride and groom who capture the Internet’s attention. It’s Bernie—caught rolling her eyes. Now, just as she’s ready to go into hiding and permanently bury her nose in a book, a handsome reporter appears with a proposal of his own…

If Colin Rodriguez doesn’t do something big to attract new readers, his boss will hire someone else to dole out dating advice. Determined to prove he’s an expert at romance—despite his own pitiful track record—he pitches a story: He will find dates for the undateable. Specifically, for the now-infamous, love-hating librarian at Richmond College.

Even though Bernie doesn’t believe in happily-ever-afters, she’s not one to resist a good challenge. Yet with one disastrous date after another, she’s ready to give up. Until Colin proves he’ll do anything to find her the perfect match—even if it means putting himself up for the role…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.75