The Marine Next Door

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The Marine Next Door

A contemporary romantic suspense story that gives a glimpse of the lives of two wounded people who overcome their past traumas and continue to serve selflessly. The poignant reminder of the hurdles that a wounded soldier strives to overcome is contrasted with a frightening look at the aftermath of an abusive relationship. This quick read packs a lot of emotional punch even as it entertains with a chilling mystery that continues to unfold.

“The Marine Next Door” by Julie Miller is a romantic suspense tale that is part of “The Precinct: Task Force’ series and features Officer Maggie Wheeler who has overcome past trauma to join the Kansas City Police Department. A career-advancing position on a task force that she is uniquely qualified for places her in danger but she is determined to contribute to finding justice for the victims. Her new neighbor, retired Marine John Murdock, has his own past issues to overcome, but discovers that he feels a connection with his skittish co-tenant. The trick will be keeping her safe while he determines whether the attraction he is feeling is mutual.

Book Blurb for The Marine Next Door

Maggie Wheeler never stopped looking over her shoulder. It was a habit she'd learned from being a cop…and from a devastating event in her past. So when John Murdock moved in next door, Maggie didn't know what to make of the sexy marine. But once her son formed a bond with the mysterious stranger, Maggie knew that past might not remain hidden much longer….

With his unwavering sense of duty, John would never let a call for help go unanswered. Especially from the beautiful wounded warrior who refused to give up her secrets. Although she likely knew more about who was after her than she'd ever let on, John vowed to protect those in need. Only then could he find peace, maybe even a door away.…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00