The Man from Gossamer Ridge

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The Man from Gossamer Ridge

Cooper Justice

This was a thrilling read that reminds me that I have been missing quite a few excellent authors’ works by neglecting to read series romance titles. There are quite a few titles in this particular series that are all linked yet can be read as stand alone titles and their shorter lengths do not detract from Ms Graves’ ability to create a compelling read. The emotion and suspense deftly presented make this a gripping suspense story and I look forward to reading more titles by this intriguing author.

“The Man From Gossamer Ridge” by Paula Graves is part of the ‘Cooper Justice: Cold Case Investigation’ series and is a poignant look at the lifechanging event that scarred Gabe Cooper and his brother J.D. forever. Alicia Solano is a criminology instructor who is being stalked by someone whose pattern mimics that of the killer who devastated the Cooper family twelve years prior. A series of events may indicate that Alicia is soon to be another victim but Gabe discovers that he has more than one reason to solve the investigation before the killer strikes again, whether he is willing to admit his true feelings or not.

Book Blurb for The Man from Gossamer Ridge

To criminology professor Alicia Solano, serial killers aren't just academic. A very real one is stalking her now, possibly the same madman who brought Gabe Cooper to town. The sexy Southern lawman still blames himself for an unsolved murder and this time, he'll do anything to catch the killer—and keep Alicia alive.

Not that the feisty prof wants his protection. Her protests prove useless when Gabe insists on moving in with her. And although Gabe senses getting Alicia to trust him—especially after surviving her own traumatic past—is going to be a challenge, it'll be worth it. Gabe knows better than anyone just how far this murderer will go to get what he wants. But so will Gabe. And what he wants is Alicia.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50