The Elevator

Close Proximity Book 1

“The Elevator” by Erin Leaf is an erotic gay short story that features geeky Adrian Hughes, who is trapped in the elevator with the sexy and wealthy Greyson Lee, who makes it a very memorable occasion. Their sizzling connection is the stuff of dreams, until a work colleague threatens to destroy everything.

This steamy story is comprised of several brief scenarios in one man’s life, so there is not a lot of back story or character development. I thought the situation with the female colleague was pretty distasteful and hopefully implausible, but those in search of a quick sexy story will be entertained, provided they can actively suspend disbelief.

Book Blurb for The Elevator

Adrian Hughes is a geek who sucks at social interaction because awkward is his middle name. Even though he’s gay, he’s the opposite of flamboyant (when they were handing out fabulous, he was hiding in another room). Even so, he’s always wanted a boyfriend—who doesn’t want to find love?—but so far, the closest he’s gotten to it is crushing on the hot older guy he only sees on the elevator. So what happens when he’s trapped inside it with Mr. Zillionaire Hottie during a heat wave brownout? He stutters like an idiot, because Mr. Greyson Lee is unexpectedly cool, calm, and collected … right up until he’s not.

When kissing leads to sex, Adrian can’t say no. But is it just a hookup? Or is it the start of something more?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2018 3.50