Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love

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Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love

This was a searingly emotional culmination to a wonderfully well-written story that tortured the reader by doling out a segment at a time but was well worth the wait. The intense finale provides a cathartic resolution to several issues even as it dangles tempting topics for future stories. This talented author writes an impressively sensual and many layered tale that provides characters that one can identify with and become invested in their journey of discovery. A delicious addition to the erotic romance genre, can’t wait to read other stories from Ms. Loren.

“Not Until You Love” is Part 8 and the final installment to an impressive serial that follows the experiences of a young woman whose lover introduces her to the world of BDSM. A disruptive phone call threatens the fragile accord established between veterinarian Cela Medina and her Dominant lover, Ian Foster, but the storm that is unleashed can only be weathered if they both are willing to reveal their naked emotions and be what each other truly needs.

Book Blurb for Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love

Boundaries will be crossed and souls laid bare as Foster and Cela discover if sizzling passion can ignite into something more in the breathtaking conclusion of Not Until You.

When Cela walked into his life, scared, innocent, and seeking thrills beyond her wildest dreams, Foster never expected she could become the submissive he's always desired. Cela has changed, has blossomed into something he can't resist, and she's ready and willing to surrender to Foster fully.

But when devastating news reminds Foster how tragically he failed to take care of someone he loved in the past, he wonders what right he has to be with a woman as beautiful and vibrant as Cela. She'll leave eventually anyway--everyone always does.

But Cela isn't about to let Foster chase her away. Can she convince this dominant playboy that her love for him is here to stay?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 5.00