Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender

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Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender

The ongoing saga of one newbie’s exploration of the dark sensual world of BDSM continues to enthrall as Dr. Cela Medina places her trust in her forceful lover. Unfortunately, all of the pressures prove to be too much and the newly blossoming relationship threatens to spiral out of control. This serial is a wonderful mixture of sensuality and character study and I always find myself impatient to read the next installment and this particular episode was no exception.

Not Until You Surrender is part 6 of the ‘Not Until You’ serial by Roni Loren, continuing the tale of Cela as she has her limits pushed by Dominant Ian Foster. Her tentative exploration of BDSM and her conflict about whether to comply with her family’s expectations culminate in an explosive change in her situation when she panics at her interpretations of the demands placed upon her.

Book Blurb for Not Until You Part VI: Not Until You Surrender

The heat is rising as Foster and Cela's affair becomes more complicated in the next thrilling installment of Not Until You. After Cela fails to obey him, Foster decides that she must be punished for her transgressions. But has retribution ever felt so good?

Cela willingly accepts Foster's difficult penalty for what she's done and finds herself more vulnerable and more attracted to him than ever. Unfortunately, she's also more confused. She's drawn to Foster's dark desires but scared by the intensity of her surrender and her growing need for him. So as outside pressures mount, how is she supposed to make the hardest decision of her life?

Foster is falling further and further for Cela, but right as he's tempted to tell her how he feels, she approaches him with a heartbreaking proposition. There isn't much Foster wouldn't sacrifice for Cela's happiness, but this time that may mean watching the girl he could truly love walk away...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50