Necessary Risk

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Necessary Risk

Bodyguard, #1

Romantic suspense stories always intrigue me, because I love that mixture of danger and passion, so I was delighted to discover a new author to follow. The characters were nicely defined and the action kept my attention, with plenty of yummy secondary characters to support the hero and heroine. I felt that some of the story was a bit predictable but the overall combination of angst and sizzle, with a little humor thrown in for leavening, was fun to read. This was a good start to the series and I look forward to getting to know some of the other members of this sexy cadre of bodyguards in future stories and imagine that the women who capture their attention will be just as charismatic.

“Necessary Risk” by Tara Wyatt is part of the ‘Bodyguard’ series and follows Sierra Blake, a former child star and current spokeswoman for a controversial organization, who discovers that she needs bodyguard Sean Owens, in more ways than one. Sean’s tragic history has strained his relations with his father, who is also co-owner of their security agency, Virtus, and he is unprepared for the feelings that Sierra evokes in him. As the threats to Sierra escalate, so does the conflict that Sean feels, and it turns out they are each at risk of losing something precious.

Book Blurb for Necessary Risk

Trained to protect against all danger, a professional bodyguard can provide all the muscle a woman needs. But when their hearts are on the line, love is the riskiest business . . .


Former child star Sierra Blake is making a stunning Hollywood comeback-and attracting a scary amount of attention. When her home is vandalized and her safety threatened, she knows it's time to bring in the professionals. But from the moment she sets eyes on her indecently sexy new bodyguard, Sierra's thoughts are anything but professional . . .

Few things in this world scare Sean Owens-until he realizes he's in serious danger of losing his heart to his new client. No matter how much he wants to, Sean won't let his feelings for the smart and gorgeous Sierra get in the way of doing his job. Because as the attacks against her escalate, crossing the line between business and pleasure could get them both killed.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00