If You Give A Girl A Viscount

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If You Give A Girl A Viscount

Impossible Bachelors

"If You Give a Girl a Viscount" is the fourth in Kieran Kramer's `Impossible Bachelors' series which centers on Charles Thorpe, Viscount Lumley as he attempts to fulfill the wishes of his grandmother who wants him to act as her proxy to one of her goddaughters. Daisy Montgomery is living the life of a fairy-tale, complete with two evil step-sisters and a vicious stepmother while she tries to eke out an existence in Scotland. She writes a letter to her godmother asking for assistance and sets in train a series of events that brings Charles himself to Scotland. Charles' mission, in combination with a wager that he makes with the rest of the Impossible Bachelors results in his traveling without having any access to the funds that he has taken for granted for so long. He is perturbed to discover that Daisy is apparently just like all of the other women that he has known but she is forthright that she is in search of funds to save her home. Their attraction to each other must overcome the handicaps imposed by their search for a way to earn enough money to save her home, find a way to get rid of her dysfunctional family and get past the suspicion that each has for the other's motives.

An entertaining ending to the series about the Impossible Bachelors as the final member of the quartet searches for his own happiness. There is somewhat of a farcial aspect to the celebration held at the Keep and the ending chapter is a bit of a startling twist but this is a fitting end to the series about a group of men who were challenged by their Prince.

Book Blurb for If You Give A Girl A Viscount

If life were a fairy tale, Daisy Montgomery's mother and sister would surely be cast in the wicked step-roles. For years, they have made life miserable for Daisy's beautiful stepsister Ella. But when Daisy discovers that Ella has a godmother, she's determined to ask her for help. Little did Daisy expect Ella's godmother to play matchmaker with her very own grandson - who happens to be a viscount.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00