Her Last Chance

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Her Last Chance

Her Last Chance  by Michele Albert features Claudia Cruz, a sexy self-assured agent of the Avalon Group who combines her training as an ex-policewoman with a formidable knowledge of the art world to aid in her retrieval of stolen goods.  As a private contractor, she doesn’t always follow the rules that official agencies must adhere to which frustrates FBI agent Vincent DeLuca’s desire for order and predictability.  The mutual attraction that the two opposite personalities feel causes DeLuca to experience even more frustration as he is unwillingly attracted to the attractive redhead.  Claudia enjoys her career and is grateful to her boss who has helped elevate her from her poor barrio background but she finds herself drawn to the straightlaced DeLuca despite knowing the obstacles they will need to overcome, not least of which are the shadowy circumstances surrounding her final case as a policewoman and the recent death of an international art thief.  The two discover that working together has the benefit of combining their considerable individual resources, while allowing them to explore their intense mutual passions.  Their investigations  gradually reveal an unwelcome connection to DeLuca and Claudia is also caught up in repercussions from a past case which may endanger her and her Avalon associates.  Intrigue and mayhem abound in the art world and the mysterious members of Avalon are at the forefront of the struggle against the criminal elements.

Her Last Chance is an edgy entertaining look at the sometimes shadowy world of rare art  and the lengths that some unscrupulous individuals will go to in order to obtain highly coveted works.  The sexy and passionate operatives working under the enigmatic Ben Sheridan each have their own shadowy backgrounds as does their leader.   Ms. Albert does a nice job of combining a supsenseful mystery with a sizzling relationship between strong-willed sensual individuals in this newest addition to her Avalon series.

Book Blurb for Her Last Chance

Compelled to leave the Dallas police force after killing a convicted rapist in a dark alley, tough and sexy Claudia Cruz becomes an operative with Avalon, a clandestine organization of mercenaries who recover stolen art. But her new career choice pits her against the darkly intense FBI agent Vincent DeLuca, who is determined that this time, Avalon is not going to beat out the Feds.
While Claudia seethes about this irritating man who gives as good as he gets, Vincent is discovering there's a fine line between love and hate. And though Claudia is willing to use their crazy-hot attraction to achieve her goals, she never intended they'd end up in bed together. She's always lived on the edge and flirted with danger...but this time the worst danger may be to her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.25