Ghost Killer

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Ghost Killer

The Ghost Seer Series, #3

This fun paranormal series provides a different perspective on the concept of ghosts. There is an intriguing connection to several notorious figures from the Wild West as the mystery unfolds and a dismaying parallel to Clare’s own experiences as bystanders reject the concept of ghosts and their influence on the physical world. Although I like that the relationship between Clare and Zach is deepening, there seemed to be a bit too much focus on their intimate encounters which sometimes seemed a bit out of place in this story and shifted the focus to an erotic tale rather than a paranormal suspense one. The eerie occurrences that are chronicled provide delightfully hair-raising interludes that are balanced by the touching interactions between those who have become important to Clare, even as one cringes at the danger that escalates.

It is great to see the boost in confidence that marks all three members of this unusual trio (Clare, Zach, and Enzo) although one hopes that they will figure out the logistics of working together before too long. It is obvious that the author has done considerable research into certain figures in the history of the Wild West and found a way to combine facts with an entertaining set of stories and I look forward to reading more exciting adventures involving these intriguing characters.

“Ghost Killer” by Robin D. Owens is part of the ‘Ghost Seer’ series and follows Clare Cermak as she continues to learn how to comply with the requirements imposed upon her gift as events escalate. Fortunately, even during the brief time she has acknowledged that she is a ghost seer, she has gained allies, including the ghost dog, Enzo, and private investigator Zach Slade. The discovery that there is an inimical ghost who is consuming all of the ghosts in the area and getting stronger and more dangerous is frightening enough, but realizing that a young relative of Zach’s landlady is at severe risk and has no support prompts Clare to try to continue meeting the challenges given her despite her misgivings. Unfortunately, she fears that she and her allies may not survive unless she learns to use the tool she has been given and they all work together to defeat their common enemy, but time may be running out for all of them.

Book Blurb for Ghost Killer

From the bestselling author of the Celta novels and the Ghost Seer novels...

Something wicked this way comes?

When her aunt died, level-headed accountant Clare Cermak inherited a fortune?as well as a phantom dog and the power to help ghosts move on. Her new gift led her to Zach Slade, a sexy private investigator with a unique psychic gift of his own, and the man who’s slowly opening her heart. But as they work toward building a future together, a sinister threat emerges.

An evil ghost is ravaging Creede, Colorado, threatening to devour the spirit of an innocent boy. Inexperienced in facing such a powerful ghost?and knowing her spirit, too, could be ripped away?Clare still can't refuse to help. With Zach’s support she uncovers the ghost’s identity, and the ancestral weapon required to slay it. But does Clare dare to use that weapon before the ghost destroys the man she loves?and her own spirit?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00