Fencing You In

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Fencing You In

Riding Tall Series

A delightful combination of heat and suspense make this an excellent contemporary romance. This was my favorite title in the series thus far and I was happy to see Tess get her chance in the spotlight and entranced by the determined Gage who demonstrates both a deliciously dominant side and a charming paternal manner combined in one sexy package. The tension creeps up rapidly with the threats from the creepy villain even as the spicy interludes shared by Tess and Gage approach incandescence and it all combines to make a thrilling and entertaining story. I look forward to more wonderful tales in this enjoyable series.

“Fencing You In” by Cheyenne McCray is the intriguing romantic suspense novella which is part of the ‘Riding Tall’ series set in Arizona, featuring yet another of those delightfully alpha males in the McBride family. Gage McBride has been trying to get Tess Grady (introduced in “Branded For You”) to respond to his flirtations for months but she has focused on helping get her family’s restaurant and bar running smoothly and raising her young daughter. It takes some effort for the sexy man to convince his future sister-in-law that he is serious but his attraction to the young widow only grows stronger as he learns more about her and her dreams. A serious threat from his past endangers their future happiness but courage and determination and a little bit of luck may be just enough to help them through some of their challenges.

Book Blurb for Fencing You In

Tess Grady doesn’t do playboy cowboys and as far as she’s concerned that’s exactly what Gage McBride is. Tess wants steady, stable, and secure in a man and Gage seems to be the farthest thing from that. When women come up to a man in a bar and slap him, that’s got to be a good sign that he’s not the one for her, or a suitable male role model for her young daughter. After losing her husband in a car accident, Tess isn’t even sure she can love again.

Gage has been waiting for the right woman, and he’s sure Tess is the one. The problem is that she believes the reputation he has somehow earned after being betrayed by the one woman he ever loved. He’s not the “cowboy with a woman in every town” that Tess believes he is and he intends to prove it to her.

Tess starts to fall for the sexy cowboy when things start to go desperately wrong. Harvey Norton, a man from Gage’s past is seeking revenge. Not only did Gage help to put Harvey behind bars for embezzling, but Tess, the woman Harvey is attracted to, seems to be falling for Gage.

Gage’s life is in danger and soon Tess’s is, too. Gage must save Tess while at the same time trying to stay alive.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50