Breaking Cover

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Breaking Cover

Life Lessons, #2

This suspense-filled m/m erotic romance provides many delicious twists and turns even as it explores the difficulty of maintaining a relationship between partners who are at different stages of openness about their sexuality. I love the way Tony makes compromises for his lover until he finally has to make a stand, however heartbreaking, and Mac has to figure out what is most important in his life—no matter how frightening the prospect of coming out of the closet is. It is dismaying to see that there are significant dangers to the revelation that go beyond hazing or shunning and I think it gives great weight to the conflict that Mac struggles with. The mystery takes a bit of a back seat to the emotional struggles that are spotlighted but it definitely adds depth and texture to the story and heightens the tension even more. I absolutely adored the courtroom scene and found myself rereading it multiple times, just so I could sigh over the way things played out…particularly when the judge verifies that Mac is the name most people use for Jared MacLean. I have had the great fortune to be able to read the stories in this series in sequence without having to wait impatiently for the sequels and I love the fact that each story makes me fall more in love with these two guys and thirst to read more about them!

“Breaking Cover” by Kaje Harper is the second novel in the ‘Life Lessons’ series. Homicide detective Jared “Mac” MacLean investigates a serial killer who turns out to have a direct impact on Mac’s life and forces him to make some painful decisions about his closeted relationship with teacher Anthony (Tony) Hart. The complications of their respective obligations to the children in their lives (Tony’s Ben and Mac’s Anna) make the minefield of their relationship even more strained, especially as they deal with the disapproval of the children’s relatives. No matter what, Mac wants to protect those he loves, whether he is actively acknowledging his devotion or not, but this case may stretch his abilities more than he can easily juggle.

Book Blurb for Breaking Cover

For homicide detective Mac, it's been a good year. Having Tony to go home to makes him a better cop and a better person. For Tony, it's been hard being in love with a man he can't touch in public. Evasions and outright lying to friends and family take a little of the shine off his relationship with Mac, but Tony is determined to make it work.

As the Minneapolis Police Department moves into a hot, humid summer, Mac is faced with a different challenge. A killer has murdered two blond women, and the police have no real clues. Mac hates to think that another murder may be the only way they'll make progress with the case. But when that murder happens, it hits close to home for Tony. And suddenly Mac faces an ultimatum: come out into the sunlight and stand beside Tony as his lover, or walk away and live without a piece of his heart.

This is the sequel to Life Lessons.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.50