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Belador Code, #2

"Alterant" is the second in the `Belador Series' written by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love. Evalle Kincaid has been brought before the Tribunal to justify her actions and Brina puts herself at risk to stand behind one of her most troublesome Belador subjects. Evalle is confused by her interactions with Storm, Skinwalker and superior tracker, whose mixed heritage gives him intriguing abilities which he seems to be determined to use to aid Evalle. A deadly fog seems to be forcing Alterants to shift to their beastly forms and humans are being injured or killed but even the gods in the Tribunal are unable to disperse the fog. Brin is forced by her goddess Macha to make a radical change in her life while Quinn risks his life to try to catch the traitor in their ranks. Evalle discovers that she will need the assistance of Tristan and learns surprising details about him and his powers but she must convince him to help her fulfill the mission assigned to her by the three gods of the Tribunal. Complicating matters even more is the fact that Isak Nyght is still ignorant of Evalle's true nature and is trying to kill any Alterant that he can find. Adding to the mix are surprising revelations about the witch Kizira and her own conflicts which will endanger the Beladors. Struggling to achieve her mission within the time allotted, Evalle must evaluate the priorities in her life.

An intriguing series that has plenty of fascinating characters to ponder. The preponderance of story arcs is sometimes a bit confusing as more and more complications and players are introduced and conflicting loyalties abound. Given that Evalle spent the greater part of her life locked in a basement and has some serious issues in her past history, it is difficult to resolve the interest that she is receiving from multiple males in her life and her reactions to them. A favorite character, Feenix the gargoyle, helps provide poignant yet light moments as this episode in the series continues to add to the mystique of the mysterious Beladors and their struggle for existence.

Book Blurb for Alterant

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love comes the second book in the Belador series--featuring a league of international warriors with extraordinary abilities who rise up to save mankind from supernatural terrorists.

Evalle must hunt her own kind...or die with them. On the heels of saving mankind from destruction at the hands of the Medb coven, Evalle attempts to convince the Tribunal that she is an Alterant who can be trusted around humans. But the gods and goddess ruling over this Tribunal twist words she'd uttered in the heat of combat and hold her responsible for three dangerous Alterants that escaped their prisons. She is given a choice to either recapture those three who will lose their freedom forever or face the same sentence. Unsure that she can condemn another Alterant to a life she'd die before accepting, Evalle takes on an impossible task only to learn that the entire future of the Beladors rides on her success--and the only person who can help her is the one who wants to gut her.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.25