A Kiss to Die For

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A Kiss to Die For

Buried Secrets

This compelling romantic suspense tale provides an enthralling tale of two damaged people who are brought together by frightening circumstances. The gradual unfolding of their histories provides a compelling backdrop to the danger and tension that escalates and the problems that each has with his or her damaged psyche gives them compassion and insight into each other. The poignant portrait of the struggle that the acclaimed warrior is undergoing is a sobering glimpse of the suffering that our heroes experience both during their service and after they return home. This was a great addition to a very enjoyable series and it is fascinating to see the overall story unfold even as each volume can stand on its own. I look forward to meeting the mysterious third woman in this trio that forged indelible bonds in their youth and surmise that she will be just as impressive as her two compatriots.

“A Kiss to Die For” by Gail Barrett is the exciting sequel to “Fatal Exposure”, both part of the ‘Buried Secrets’ trilogy. Haley Barnes has dedicated her life to providing a haven for pregnant teens, prompted by her own traumatic youth. A horrific crime from her past threatens to undo all that she accomplished and a sudden danger results in her relying on the apparently homeless man she has noted near her shelter. Staff Sergeant Sulilvan (Sully) Turner is still dealing with the repercussions from his last tour of duty which has saddled him with significant emotional and physical scars. He is reluctantly forced to deal with both his personal demons and with Haley’s dangers but they must decide who they can truly trust if they are going to survive and they may not be able to even fully trust each other.

Book Blurb for A Kiss to Die For

The second Buried Secrets romance in Gail Barrett's compelling new trilogy!  

Sullivan Turner doesn't see a hero when he looks in the mirror—he sees only a hollow shell of the man he used to be. But redemption comes when he rescues a woman with a dark secret. Teenage-runaway-turned-social-worker Haley Barnes knows firsthand how savage Baltimore's streets can be. 

Years ago, Haley witnessed an event that changed her life. Now, when the teenagers she guards are targeted, she seeks protection from a cynical army veteran. It isn't long before passions ignite between Haley and "Sully." Can he be the hero Haley needs, the hero who will protect her when a ruthless murderer comes calling?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50