What Lies in Shadow

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What Lies in Shadow

Jonna Karakosta's blog captures the attention of women and men across the internet. Writing under an assumed name, Jonna opens up her heart sharing her deepest thoughts and feelings about life with her new husband. When Jonna suspects him of having an affair, she pours out her pain to her new blog friends.

Dominic, one of those friends, convinces her to meet him for a romantic lunch. Intrigued, she soon longs for a deeper relationship. When she changes her mind and decides to work on her marriage, Dominic strikes back. When it becomes apparent Dominic has a dark side, she realizes she has entered into a liaison that could bring tragedy into her life.

Tina Wainscott has written a tense riveting novel guaranteed to satisfy fans of the suspense genre. Dominic's growing obsession with Jonna sends chills down one's spine. As her world spins out of control support arrives from a surprising ally - but is it too late?

Book Blurb for What Lies in Shadow

Her blog is one of the hottest on the Web-a place where she can be herself and talk anonymously about her most private needs and desires. Not even her wealthy new husband knows about her online persona. And when Jonna Karakosta learns that he may be cheating on her, she needs her online community more than ever.

Enter "Dominic," a frequent guest on Jonna's blog who seems to understand her like no one else. She finally agrees to meet him face-to-face, and he turns out to be better-and more attractive-than she could have imagined. But when Jonna has a change of heart and decides to fight to save her marriage, Dominic refuses to take "no" for an answer.

Now Dominic will do anything not to lose Jonna-even if it means bringing her deepest, darkest fears to light.and taking her world apart piece by piece.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00