The Adultery Club

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The Adultery Club

The Adultery Club brings a unique slant to the age-old love triangle by revealing all three sides throughout the book. The tangled involvement of Nicholas Lyon, the handsome family man, his wife Malinche, and new co-worker Sara Kaplan set the tone for a hot romance.

When the perfect husband meets the seductive temptress, the gut-wrenching angst and downhill slide of his marriage begins. Internal desires war with reality in each of their lives. What makes the book most interesting is following the thoughts of each player wondering if anyone will come out ahead.

One never knows what will pull two people apart or will bring them together. Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side until someone begins to experience reality. Tess Stimson writes with honesty and insight into the lives of people unexpectedly caught up in an entanglement they neither wanted nor sought.

This powerful novel draws the reader into the mire of tangled feelings and twisted excuses for wrong behavior. The story is taut, realistic, and emotional, and when finished, difficult to forget.

Stimson's ability to bore deep into each character shapes the story. The Adultery Club is a necessary read for anyone interested in the complexity of life and love.

Book Blurb for The Adultery Club

Life couldn't be happier for Nicholas Lyon, divorce lawyer and contented husband of the beautiful - if chaotic - Mal, a cookery writer who combines working from a comfortable home in Wiltshire with being mother to their three gorgeous young daughters.

And then Sara Kaplan, a bright, vivacious young lawyer, explodes into his life like a sexual hand grenade.

Nicholas is stunned and horrified by the extent of his attraction to her. But whilst the chemistry between them is palpable, it takes a terrorist attack to force him to recognise his own mortality and throw caution to the wind.

For Sara, what started as a harmless fling swiftly deepens into a painful battle for Nicholas' heart with Mal, who is not quite as preoccupied in her world of food and school runs as Nicholas had believed.

As Mal faces temptations of her own, she realises she has to decide what she wants; and whether it's worth fighting for.

THE ADULTERY CLUB is the irresistible story of the perfectly balanced eternal triangle. It's a club where membership comes at a very high price.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50