Silver River Love

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Silver River Love

Trade paperback ISBN: 978-1-59374-903-3

Strong willed Samantha Delaney heads to the Nevada Territory believing her father is in trouble. Using a book of his poems as a guide, she searches for clues as to his whereabouts. At first, citified Roger Smith goes along with her plan, but it soon becomes apparent he is not who he seems.

Using the town of Silver River in the Nevada Territory as her home base, Samantha tries to unravel the clues embedded in his poems to help her locate her father before it is too late. Standing in her way is the tall rugged Sheriff Tyler Sloan thwarting her every move. As the contrast between the increasingly secretive Roger Smith and the angry and passionate Sheriff Sloan widens, she must take matters into her own hands if she is to solve the puzzle of her fathers' disappearance. Complicating the situation is the increasingly stormy, and steamy, relationship between Samantha and the Sheriff that has the whole town talking.

Silver City Love is a contest of wills between Smith and Sloan, Samantha and the Sheriff, and ultimately between good and evil. With humor woven throughout the story, Barbara Baldwin has written an interesting and entertaining story of the Wild West and those who chose to make it their home.

Book Blurb for Silver River Love

Samantha Delaney sees the book of poems as clues that her father is in trouble, so she travels to the Nevada Territory to find him. Unfortunately, she must deal with two men of totally opposite persuasion, but both of whom think she needs a guardian. Her gentleman companion Roger Smith, and the ever-present Sheriff of Silver River Tyler Sloan, go out of their way to aggravate her, interfere with her investigation, and create a disturbing emotional upheaval in her life. Roger has a somewhat reticent nature, which Samantha considers an asset since she feels she can, given enough time, mold him into the kind of husband she wants. However, as Samantha unravels the clues to her father’s whereabouts, she finds Roger is not who he seems and there is far more to Sheriff Sloan than she first thought. His passion for life, and the passion he awakens in Sam have her quickly rethinking her ideas of independence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.50