Hidden Fire

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Hidden Fire

Stand-alone sequel to Finding Sarah.

Hidden Fire finds Sarah Tucker frustrated at her long-term relationship with boyfriend Randy Detweiler. Randy refuses to share information regarding his cases as a detective with the Pine Hills Police Department. Sarah believes Randy spends too much time thinking about his job and not enough about her.

Randy's frustration with the spending cuts and need to abdicate an important case to the County Sheriff's Department threatens to send him over the edge. Then he finds out the Pine Hills town council deems the city no longer needs a police department, and his ulcer fires up to an all time high.

When Sarah's business becomes a crime scene and Sarah a suspect in Randy's investigation, emotions come to a head between the two. Will their relationship survive the scrutiny necessary to crack the case? The growing threats and attacks on the two leave the couple reeling, wondering if they can even trust one another.

Terry O'Dell has written a satisfying sequel to Finding Sarah keeping the suspense at a high level throughout. This page-turner turns on the heat between our hero and heroine while circumstances surrounding them seem destined to bring their relationship to an end. Lack of trust runs high, deception seems de rigueur, and unexpected plot twists keep the reader guessing. This was a superb who-dun-it well worth the read.

Book Blurb for Hidden Fire

Stand-alone sequel to Finding Sarah.

Returning from a stint as part of a task force on violent crime, Randy Detweiler is eager to reunite with Sarah Tucker, but she's having second thoughts about their relationship. Can she deal with a cop who gets called away at a moment's notice, especially one who won't talk about his job?

Their reunion is cut short when a body is discovered and rumors fly that it's the work of a serial killer. To make matters worse, the Town Council might disband their police department and Randy's under added pressure to solve the murder before they take action. Forced to work under the radar, Randy struggles to balance work with a shaky relationship.

Sarah can't cope with apparently meaning less to Randy than his job. Should she force him to choose between his job and the us she envisions for the two of them? All bets are off when Sarah becomes a suspect in Randy's case. Before long, it's more than their relationship that's in danger.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50