A Breed Apart

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A Breed Apart

When Kira McGovern graduated from veterinarian school, she knew her life was about to change forever. Due to the recent death of her sister and brother-in-law, Kira became sole provider for her infant niece. Unfortunately, if she did not find a permanent job and a place to live within three months, her niece would go into foster care.
Arriving at the ranch where she was to work, she was quickly fired by the son of the man who hired her. Desperate, she stood her ground and kept the job.
Holt Crockett took one look at the tall blond and tried to brush her off, thinking she was there to visit his womanizing brother, Treat. When he found out his father had hired Kira as ranch veterinarian to solve the puzzle of the sick cattle, Holt was furious.
As ranch manager, he was in charge of hiring and firing. Instead, his father had not only gone behind his back, but also hired a woman no less. He was particularly upset with the incentives his father had promised her if she found a cure, including a percentage of his ranch, and Holt did everything he could to drive her away.
Tension mounted as Kira raced to find a cure, and Holt had to destroy a growing number of his diseased herd. Time was of the essence or Holt would soon lose all his cattle and the ranch.
A Breed Apart begins with high emotion and never lets the reader down throughout this fast-paced and captivating story. Two people are struggling with unexpected life situations, unable to trust their feelings and unable to trust one another, yet both needing to work together for the greater good of both. Emotions are raw and tension is high. Several unexpected events fail to diminish the growing emotional powder keg between the two antagonists.
Charlotte Raby has written a powerful novel with strong characters that are facing life-changing situations. A strong supporting cast adds depth to a story whereby the only disappointment is that it comes to its inevitable conclusion. The reader will certainly hope more stories are forthcoming from this insightful writer.

Book Blurb for A Breed Apart

Newly graduated veterinarian, Kira McGovern, must find a permanent job and residence within three months in order to adopt her orphaned infant niece. A cattle rancher offers her a win or lose opportunity, but his sexy, distracting son plans to make sure she fails.

Holt Crockett is one of the rancher's sons, and has been determined since he was thirteen that he would someday own the entire Crockett ranch. But a mysterious disease is ravaging their cattle and Holt must beat Kira to the diagnosis to get what he wants.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50