Bachelor Dad

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Bachelor Dad

Fatherhood, American #1372

Roxann Delaney's Bachelor Dad is a wonderful story of survival, domestic violence, starting over and more. The story of Libby and Garrett is gripping from beginning to end. They seemed to have nothing in common until Garret discovers he is a dad and turns to Libby for parenting tips and a shared babysitting arrangement. They had the beginnings and makings of a lovely family life. Libby finally has someone she can not only love but also trust. Noah also gets to be a care free child without worrying about his safety and his mom's. This is a lovely story about new beginnings.

Book Blurb for Bachelor Dad

Finding out he's a father is life-changing enough. Only now the four-year-old daughter Garrett Miles never met is coming to live with him. Turning to Libby Carter for guidance could be the ideal solution. Garrett thinks Libby is great, and she seems to like him and the idea of sharing child care. But there are some things the single mother isn't sharing.

Libby fled with her son to Desperation to escape her abusive ex. She's hoping the close-knit Oklahoma small town will be the place where she can finally stop running. Especially now that Garrett's in her life. But Garrett is a lawyer, and if he discovers she violated her custody agreement and crossed state lines, he'll have to turn her in. After one man nearly destroyed her, can she trust another with her son's life? 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75