Spirit Beach

As a reader I could relate to the universal feeling of the eyes of a portrait painting watching me. An age old curse is the backdrop to this intriguing and mysterious story. Add a mysteriously sexy leading man and you have a promising tale full of mystery, danger, revenge and romance.
John Henry Covington passed away years ago, but now as a risen vampire he searches for his missing wife’s corpse. John Henry refuses to be separated from his one true love in death, so he rises every year from May to October to wander the beach where his wife, Lee Marie, died and searches for her body to be reunited for all eternity.
Renee is on vacation with her sister when she is drawn to the Covington Bed and Breakfast where she first sees the portrait of John Henry Covington watching her. She soon meets the mysterious Adrian who ends up being the grandson of the restless spirit of John Henry. Together they venture to help the restless spirit find his wife before it is too late for all the living and the dead.
This story had me turning pages incessantly. To this day I still hear noises at my window that sound like someone is knocking on the windows of my 2-story house. The author creates excellent flashbacks via Lee Marie’s diary bring the reader deeper into the plot of the story. I definitely recommend this story to anyone that enjoys a great mystery with a little romance on the side.

Book Blurb for Spirit Beach

Paranormal Black Rosebud
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 160

When Renee Simone, an investigative reporter, vacations at a small seaside resort for some relaxation and fun, she finds more than entertainment when she stumbles upon the local legend of John Henry Covington, a man who lost his wife and son in a hurricane a century before. Unable to control her curiosity, she sets out to unravel what was legend and what was fact about the man with the mesmerizing eyes in the ominous portrait at the Covington Bed and Breakfast. Was he merely a man or something more? He's as provocative as Adrian, the handsome real-life man she's met on the beach. Renee's investigation uncovers more than history. She and Adrian find out too late that vampires don’t always want people to know their story, and a vampire’s lust for love and blood never dies. Her fear grows as the gusty sea spray mingled with the wind persuasively invites her to a personal audience with a ghost… "I've been waiting for you, Renee…"

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.75