Seduced by a Rogue

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Seduced by a Rogue

Seduced by a Rogue is Amanda Scott’s second book in a trilogy of books that take place in the fourteenth century Scotland. Based on true events and real characters, the author has spun a historically based romance that is easy to believe really could have occurred.

Lady Mairi Dunwythie is the current heiress to her father’s estates unless her father and her stepmother are able to produce a male heir.  Her father has been teaching her the requirements of being a baroness in case a male son is not born of the marriage. Mairi and her younger sister, Fiona, meet two enticing strangers as they travel on horseback inspecting the progress of one of the barley fields of their estate. The chemistry between the two sisters and the two gentlemen strangers is immediate and electric.

Robert Maxwell is the younger brother of Alex Maxwell, the new sheriff in the southern area of Scotland. Robert is travelling with his friend Will Jardine to request that the current Barron Dunwythie pay taxes to his brother the sheriff, instead of paying the taxes directly to England as has been done for years be each superseding baron of Dunwythie.   When Mairi’s father angrily refuses, Robert lets them know that Alex will forcefully come to claim his payment and cooperation, thereby setting the stage for a conflict that Robert was hoping to avoid. In his desperation, Robert kidnaps Mairi in an effort to persuade Barron Dunwythie to change his mind. Of course Robert’s best laid plan did not include falling in love with Mairi, the future baroness of the opposing clan.

Chuck full of historical associations to true events, one has the feeling that you are traveling back in a window of time to see the events as they really happened, even though you truly know them to be fictional. The characters are strong, compassionate, intelligent and most of all endearing so as to gain our deepest and complete interest. I have found that Amanda Scott is the author to follow as I expectantly await the next and final installment of this exceptional historical romance trilogy.

Reviewed by: Lydia Ferrari

Book Blurb for Seduced by a Rogue

A fair-haired beauty at 19, Lady Mairi is heiress apparent to her father Lord Dunwythie's rich barony. He has carefully taught her how to manage their estates, but a feud between his clan and the Maxwell clan is brewing as the two families edge toward a clan war - their dispute over money owed. Mairi's father believes he owes nothing, and of course Mairi sides with him.

When the impulsive and blue-eyed Rob Maxwell chances to meet Mairi in a barley field, they feel instant attraction, despite their families' antagonisms. Knowing he must put his clan first, Rob enacts a plan to force Dunwythie to pay his debt: Rob kidnaps Mairi, making the abduction appear the work of a stranger; then he and his sheriff-brother offer to help Dunwythis rescue his daughter IF, and only if, he will pay them the monies due. Yet after Rob captures Mairi's body, she captures his heart. When Dunwythie summons the aid of the most powerful clan in all Scotland (the Douglases), clan-tensions rise to a fever pitch. Love takes its own feverish course, as Mairi and Rob join forces to prevent a clash between hot-headed clans, and to protect their budding love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.50