Touch of the Demon

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Touch of the Demon

With the thought of the humans overcoming the gods, the immortal dark angels have been given an ultimatum, either help the gods beat the humans or else they will be considered to be in league with the humans. In order to stop all this from happening, Mammon has discovered the exact moment that non-human DNA was introduced into humanity. Bribing another angel, Rafe, with the return of his wings if he goes back in time and stops the introduction of non-human DNA into the human bloodline. The catch…the mark is only half human itself.

Having journeyed back a millennium, Rafe is in a hurry to find the woman and finish his assignment. What he was not expecting was the way his body would respond to Celeste when he found her. The sound of her voice sent arrows of longing thru his loins, making him want to fuck her before he stole her soul. Her touch only makes the fire in his blood worse. When did he stoop so low as to want to take a human against the wall where he found her?

Celeste knew what she needed to do. With a stiletto forged from the very heart of Mother Earth, she needed to thrust it thru the demon’s heart and send him straight back to hell. But his touch sends shots of longing to her own loins, and makes her want to have him cum inside of her before she kills him. What is it about the touch of this demon that makes her blood boil? Why did it have to be him that came to try and steal her destiny from her?

Touch of the Demon is an extremely spicy novella. Short in length but full to the brim with enough hot and spicy passion to make you want your fan running on high while you are reading it. Christina Phillips has done a spectacular job of making her world come alive for the reader. Touch of the Demon will defiantly keep you guessing, and honestly you would think “people” would learn not to mess with affairs of the heart, wouldn’t you?

Re-Issued Review. Originally reviewed on 3/24/2009. Author has rights back and is re-releasing this story.

Book Blurb for Touch of the Demon

Bad ass dark angel Rafe is sent back in time to destroy the woman who is fated to bring untold chaos to the cosmos. Instead he finds Celeste, a child of the Earth Goddess, who is sworn to protect the one Rafe seeks. He mistakes her for his quarry, but an irresistible attraction prevents him from taking her soul. And although Celeste holds the one weapon capable of banishing Rafe from Earth forever, she's unable to deny the overwhelming desire to possess this creature from hell. They come together in a firestorm of passion, each believing they are changing destiny by their actions. But when the Earth Goddess appears they discover her plans are more far reaching than either had imagined.

Previously published by The Wild Rose Press in 2009

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50